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Sanplast Citofilm

Plaster for a stable waterproof dressing!

Adhesive plaster of extremely fine polyurethane transparent film. Highly elastic and breathable. Provides stability and comfort.


  • Waterproof and elastic, suitable also for the flexible areas
  • Fits tightly and remains stable during movement and in contact with water!
  • Breathable
  • Hypoallergenic

It is used as an adhesive plaster for fixation of dressings and medical devices to the skin surface. It is offered with a scaled and dimensioned tape for easy and economic use. On fixation, first remove the protective white paper, then place the plaster with mild pressure on the place for dressing. Last, remove the transparent scaled foil. For easy and painless removal, take one end of the adhesive plaster and stretch it along skin length (horizontally). Do not pull it sharply and vertically to the wound!

Dimensions: 5 cm x 3 m; 10 cm x 3 m