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Cookies Policy of Sopharma AD


We use cookies or similar instruments on our sites and systems to improve their presentation and your experience. This policy explains how we do this.

What are cookies like?

HTTP cookie, usually called simply “cookies" is a package of information sent by a web server to Internet browser, for instance Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and so on, and after that returned by the browser each time when it has access to this server. A certain cookie remains in your device for use at a next session, when it may be erased in the meantime. In event that you use more than one browser, each of them has separate space for storage of cookies. The cookies do not refer to a certain person but to a combination of a device and an Internet browser. Therefore, a person who uses several browsers and/or devices has a separate set of cookies for each combination of a device and a browser. On the other hand the cookies do not make a difference amongst a multitude of users sharing the same device and a browser, unless they have different user’s profiles.


Cookies perform a multitude of various functions. For instance, they help us to remember your user name or preferences and to analyze how well our sites present themselves.

What data do we collect?

We collect information about the following objectives: elimination of problems, administration of our web sites and systems, analysis of tendencies, collection of demographic information, observation of the applicable law and realization of cooperation in the activities of the law enforcement authorities. We may also share this information with our authorized third parties – providers of services and advertisers, aimed at determining the overall efficiency of our online advertising, contents and programming. Further to that we use cookies for preservation of our software settings, preferences and others of the kind.


Other devices for tracing down

We may use other standard technologies as tags of pixels (Facebook) and other Internet markings (“web beacons”), to trace down how you use our web sites and promotions or we may allow third parties – providers of services to use these devices on our behalf. The tags of pixels and other Internet markings (“web beacons”) are small graphic images located in individual parts of our Web sites or in our e-mails and let us find out whether you have performed a certain action. When you receive access to these sites or open or click over an e-mail, the tags of pixels or other Internet markings (“web beacons”) send a notification (which does not contain personal data) about this action. The tags of pixels allow us to understand the users, to calculate and segment the user’s traffic, to measure conversions on our Web sites as well as to retarget (remarket) advertisements. We may also use tags of pixels and other Internet markings (“web beacons”), which our shareholders or marketing partners present to us for the same purposes.

Does anyone else use cookies on our site?

When you visit our Web sites, we and/or our authorized Third Parties Providers of Services and Advertisers may automatically collect such information through the use of electronic instruments as Cookies and other Internet markings (“web beacons”) or indication (“tagging”) of pixels.

We use or let third parties use cookies on our sites. We use Google Analytics and similar systems to observe the traffic on our sites and software platforms.

We may use cookies of third parties which could help us in the research of the market, exercise of monitoring over the revenues, improvement of the functionality and keeping a watch over the observation of our rules.

How you could exclude the Cookies?

All the modern browsers let you change the settings for cookies. You may usually find these settings in menu "options" or "preferences" on your browser. To allow you to be clear about these settings, the following links may help you or you may use the button “Help” from the menus on your browser for more details:


     Cookies in Google Chrome

     Cookies in Mozilla Firefox

     Cookies in Microsoft Internet Explorer

     Cookies in Apple SafariiOS

If you worry most of all about the advertising cookies to third parties generated by advertisers, you may switch them off from hereYour Online Choices site.

Please, have in mind that if you decide to stop the cookies, some sections of our sites and/or software platforms may not work appropriately. 


Does Sopharma AD use cookies which contain my personal data?

The cookies we use may collect information about your IP address and your electronic mail, which we do not present to third persons.   


More information

More information about the manner, which the business uses the cookies in, is available onwww.allaboutcookies.org.

If you have any questions with regard to this Cookies Policy, contact us on e-mail: personaldata@sopharma.bg