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Thank you for being interested in the Privacy Policy of SOPHARMA ADa leading pharmaceutical company in Bulgaria, with ratified positions on the market of the high quality medicinal products. By this document we aim at informing you additionally and explaining what personal data we collect, why we collect them and whom from our trusted partners and administrative and regulatory authorities we share this information with. We also aim at informing you about your rights about how you could have access to, alter or erase your personal data.

SOPHARMA AD protects the collected personal data from groundless use and exercises monitoring over their processing.

If you seek more information about SOPHARMA AD, you may visit our web site www.sopharma.bg.

Basic concepts


Personal data within the meaning of this Policy are data provided by users/customers of SOPHARMA AD in connection with: 1) registration and use of the web sites and/or the online applications held and administered by Sopharma AD, 2) supply of alerts for adverse drug reactions, 3) assessment of the risk of the alerts supplied, 4) answers to requests, enquiries and comments with regard to products of SOPHARMA AD, as well as campaigns, initiatives or other events organized, supported or financed by SOPHARMA AD.

Processing of personal data of a user shall be each operation with data of the user, inclusive of collection, recording, organization, storage, alteration, disclosure of customer’s information, provision of access, making references and extracts, use, rе-direction, connection, closure down, erasure or destruction of user’s data or several of the operations enumerated hereinabove, regardless of the manner, which they are performed in or of the means used.

What your personal data do we process?

Through our web site and / or online applications we process the following personal data about you:

-          Name: First name, father’s name and surname;

-          Contacts:  Electronic mail, address and telephone;

What grounds do we process your personal data on?

We process your data when you have voluntarily presented them to us at your registration on our web site and / or online application or at the supply of an alert, enquiry and so on, as well as aimed at our being able to fulfill our legal obligations as a licensed manufacturer of medicinal products and providing you with the best servicing and flawless access to information about our products.

What objectives shall we use your data for?

The personal data we collect from you shall be used only for the objectives which it was announced they shall be collected for and/or in compliance with the requirements of the applicable legislation.

The personal data presented by you shall be used for the purposes of administration of the service, inclusive of but not limited to for the objectives of:

-                 Registration and use of the web sites and/or the online applications held and administered by Sopharma AD,

-                 Supply of alerts for adverse drug reactions,

-                 Assessment of the risk of the supplied alerts or

-                 Answers to requests, enquiries and comments with regard to products of SOPHARMA AD, as well as campaigns, initiatives or other events organized, supported or financed by SOPHARMA AD.

We would also like to improve the service we render to you through the receipt of information on your part. To attain this objective when you enter our site you shall be asked to provide or refuse to provide your consent that we preserve cookies on your device. You may find detailed information in the Cookies Policy.

Who has access to your information?

SOPHARMA AD is a controller of your personal data and in the capacity of such it shall not sell your data to third parties, inclusive of for marketing purposes. SOPHARMA AD respects and keeps the confidentiality of your personal data. With observation of the legal requirements or in event of consent provided by you it is possible that SOPHARMA AD should disclose your personal data to third parties which are personal data processors or independent controllers.

The personal data processors are third parties which may use your personal data only in the manner defined in the Agreement between Sopharma AD and them, for the purposes indicated in this Policy. They shall not share your personal data with any organization whatsoever except us. They shall store your information in a secure manner and a period we have preliminarily set up for them.

The persons whom we share information with are:

-                 Providers of services. With technical maintenance of information systems and operational maintenance of our activities it is possible that SOPHARMA AD should disclose personal data. Similar disclosure of data shall be made only with the availability of a well-grounded reason for this and on the grounds of an agreement in writing with the recipients to provide adequate level of protection.

-                 Other companies in the Group of Sopharma AD on the grounds of our legitimate interest related to the internal administrative objectives of the Group (for instance management of IT infrastructure), as well as with a view to the fulfillment of legal obligations in connection with accountancy.

-                 Regulatory administrative authorities receiving the information on the grounds of legal powers to require and receive such information as well as other state authorities in the events anticipated by the law in connection with the fulfillment of legal obligations or in relation to judicial proceedings.

As we mentioned hereinabove, in event that you provide us with your consent, we shall share information with our partner Google, which process it for analytical objectives as well as the tags of pixels and other Internet markings, which let us understand better the behavior of the users, calculate and segment the user traffic, measure conversions on our Web sites as well as retarget (remarket) advertisements. You may find detailed information in the Cookies Policy.

What period we store your personal data for?

We shall store your information whilst your account is active, you have active interrelations with us, or whilst you need our services. Your data shall be stored up to the expiration of the statutorily established terms for storage of information for the purposes of regulatory surveillance by the competent state authorities.

We shall store and use your information as needed for the purposes of fulfillment of our legal obligation or for settlement of disputes arisen.

When we have received the data with your consent and it is withdrawn, your personal data shall be erased from the systems of SOPHARMA AD within a term of 30 days except in the events when for us there is a statutory obligation for the storage of your data for legally established regulatory purposes. We shall duly inform you about this within the framework of the 30-day term from the submission of the request for withdrawal of consent, as well as about your specific rights and terms, after which you may require erasure of your data, respectively about our counter obligations to erase them after the expiration of these terms. The term of 30 days shall commence to elapse from the date of the identification of the person who declared withdrawal of consent in conformity with the approved channels for communication with SOPHARMA AD.

Your rights with regard to your personal data

You have control over your personal data you share with us.

We may contact you for marketing purposes, in event that you accept this possibility through your consent at registration or after an alteration of your preferences in the settings of your profile, as well as in fulfillment of our specific obligations. Please have in mind that at contact for marketing purposes it shall be needed that we should remember your choice, aimed at not establishing a contact with you on the occasion of marketing activity, in event that you do not wish so. You also have the right to withdraw your consent for the use of your data for marketing objectives at any time. You may find detailed information here and in the Cookies Policy.

After registration you may alter your preferences in the user profile itself.

For the purposes of protection of your personal data we may turn to you to verify the data contained in our systems and if needed, to rectify them or to confirm the authenticity of the data. Rectification of collected data shall also be made on the grounds of data from independent public official registers and other reliable sources.

After use of services provided by SOPHARMA AD, you may declare an alteration in your data in conformity with the communication channels at any time.

You have the following rights with regard to your personal data processed by SOPHARMA AD:

1.         To receive access to your personal data which SOPHARMA AD processes and to receive a copy of them;

2.         In event of incompleteness or inaccuracy in the data which SOPHARMA AD processes, your personal data should be rectified;

3.         To request that your data should be erased when the conditions for that are available for that. Such events are if the objective has been attained, which the data are collected for; you have withdrawn your consent when the processing is based on consent and there are no other legal grounds for processing; your data are processed not in conformity with the law and so on;

4.         In the events stipulated by the law you could request that the processing of your personal data should be restricted;

5.         In the events when your data are processed on the grounds of legitimate interest (enumerated hereinabove, in this notification), you may object to the processing of your personal data on these grounds;

6.         To exercise your right of portability of the data and request that your data should be provided in a structured, generally used and machine-readable format;

7.         To withdraw the consent provided by you when the processing of your personal data is based on consent.

We do our best to keep your data topical. Regardless of that, if you notice erroneous data or other irregularities, you may rectify, update, alter, erase of deactivate them getting in touch with us on personaldata@sopharma.bg We shall answer your request as soon as possible and not later than 30 days from its receipt.

You are also entitled to submit a complaint to the Commission for Personal Data Protection when the relevant prerequisites for the purpose are available at hand.

How do we protect your personal data?

The security of your data is of significance for us. When you provide data, we shall undertake steps and shall make maximal efforts to guarantee that it is securely treated in our systems.

We introduced reasonable procedures which should help you for the preservation of the information and the restriction of the access to your personal data only to those employees who need access to fulfill their obligations.


The web sites of SOPHARMA AD contain links to other web sites. We do not bear any responsibility for the contents or the communications for confidentiality of any of these sites. If you provide personal information on any of these sites, your information shall be managed with regard to their privacy policies. We recommend you carefully to read the communications for privacy of each Web site you visit.

Amendments in this Policy

We latest updated this Policy on 23 May 2018 and shall continuously renew it. We expect to make substantial amendments in this Policy on and after 25 May 2018 as a result of the entering into force General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the amendments in the Personal Data Protection Act.

How to contact us?

In event that this Policy does not answer your questions or you have another enquiry, please, contact us directly or get in touch with our personal data protection official: Law Firm Ernst and Young. You may do that at the following address: city of Sofia, zip code 1220, 16, Iliensko Shose Street or at electronic mail: personaldata@sopharma.bg